Flame Sagittario is a stamina-type beyblade owned by Kenta.

Flame Sagittario

Face Bolt: Sagittario[edit | edit source]

An orange facebolt. The sticker is two eyes; the right eye has an arrow threw it and above the eyes are the letters SGTO which obviously mean Sagittario.

Energy Ring: Sagittario[edit | edit source]

The original release of Sagittario is a translucent yellow colour, it has several notches around it.

Fusion Wheel: Flame[edit | edit source]

A pretty thin spin track with it a little thicker toward the edges. Due to it's design more of the spin track exposed which makes it not good for Defence-types.

Spin Track: Claw 145[edit | edit source]

Whipping claws strike opponents

Performance Tip: Spike Tip[edit | edit source]

The Spike tip(S) maintains stamina.

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